Police chief arrested in undercover child sex sting

By Holly Yan and Shawn Nottingham, CNN

The online ad was pretty blunt: "Dominate [sic] male police officer seeks fun, discreet, sub playmate -- m4w." 

Before long, that officer got a response from a purported 14-year-old girl. And the age didn't dissuade him, authorities said.  "... everyone has to have a first time," the officer responded, according to a criminal complaint. "... you will just have to get me naked tomorrow." But the officer sending those crude messages wasn't just any cop -- he was Michael William Diebold, the police chief of Leechburg, Pennsylvania, investigators say.  
And that 14-year-old girl wasn't really an eighth-grader. It was a special agent for the state attorney general's Bureau of Criminal Investigations. When Diebold tried to meet the (fictional) girl on Friday, he was instead met by fellow law enforcement officers. The 40-year-old police chief was arrested and faces several charges, including unlawful …

103 arrested in Harris County sex sting as part of nationwide operation

By Jason Miles, KHOU

A nationwide sex sting snared hundreds of suspected “Johns" and most of them were in Harris County. It's one of the so-called capitals of the sex trade.

“This should be a notice to sex buyers out there,” said HCSO Vice Commander Jesse Inocencio.  “That you may just find your mug shot on the 5 o’clock news.”

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office made 103 arrests.

That’s more than any other department participating in the nationwide operation that netted more than 630 suspected Johns in all.

"We are disturbed that the demand for the illegal sex trade remains strong in Harris County despite sting operations like the one we just conducted," said Chief Edison Tiquica with the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

The suspects include men of all ages and occupations and many of them are married.

Undercover female deputies placed online ads for sex services.

Then they set up rendezvous points with men who responded at nine local motels.

“For a lot …

Lee Circuit Judge Jay Rosman resigns following prostitution arrest in Naples

By Melissa Montoya

A Lee County circuit judge arrested last week during a prostitution sting in Naples has resigned.

Sara Miles, a spokeswoman with the 20th Judicial Circuit, confirmed Judge Jay B. Rosman's resignation Tuesday.

Rosman and five other men were arrested Friday following a Naples Police Department prostitution operation.

Rosman pleaded not guilty, waived his arraignment and asked for a jury trial.

Chief Judge Michael T. McHugh will preside over Rosman's docket, Miles said.

Rosman, 64, is also accused of resisting arrest. 
Naples police say Rosman allegedly made contact with an undercover officer via phone and arranged to meet at a hotel. He agreed to pay $300 for a sexual act but instead was placed under arrest. He began to resist but officers were able to gain control and handcuffed Rosman.
In a letter sent to Gov. Rick Scott's office, Rosman refers to his separation from the bench as a "resignation/retirement."
"It has been an honor to s…

Southern Utah GOP Official Arrested in Prostitution Sting


A southern Utah Republican party official has been arrested in a prostitution sting a week after a politician from a neighboring city stepped down amid allegations that he met a prostitute in a taxpayer-funded hotel room.

The Spectrum newspaper reports Iron County Republican Party treasurer Blake Cozzens was arrested Tuesday after paying $100 for sex acts he discussed in text messages with a confidential informant.

The 28-year-old Cozzens was one of five people arrested in the sting by St. George Police, who posted ads posing as a female prostitute.

A publicly listed phone number for Cozzens went unanswered, and an email message from The Associated Press wasn't immediately returned. He is also the son of a Cedar City councilman.

The arrest comes after the resignation of Utah Rep. Jon Stanard of St. George.

Copyright 2018 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or r…

Man who gave 14-year-old Lakewood girl meth, pimped her to strangers on social media gets 10 years in prison


A 32-year-old man who gave a teen age girl methamphetamine and then used social media to pimp her to other men has been sentenced to 10 years in prison, according to the Jefferson County District Attorney’s office.

Mark Allen Horton on Nov. 28, 2017, pleaded guilty to sexual exploitation of a child and distribution of a controlled substance to a minor. He was sentenced on Feb. 8.

According to a narrative released by District Attorney Pete Weir’s office, the 14-year-old girl’s mother went to police on May 9, 2016, after discovering disturbing photos on the teen’s phone. She told police she was worried her daughter was having sex with older men in exchange for methamphetamine.

Investigators learned the teen met Horton on social media when she was looking for marijuana. They talked briefly and then Horton drove to her home, picked her up and took her to a hotel in Lakewood.

At the hotel he provided the teen with methamphetamine and they engaged in sexual c…

(How to) Buy street drugs online (for Dummies)

By Christopher R Rice

Remember downloading TOR to go on the darkweb and access the Silk Road to order drugs online? With Dread Roberts behind bars for life it might seem those days are long gone . But have you ever heard of Backpage? Craigslist? Escorts? Scroll through and find an escort that you like and then just call the number and ask, "do you party?" If the answer is "yes," they will have access to drugs.

I know everyone's worried about the PO-PO, right? You have to deal with pigs off line too though don't you? And there's two simple ways around this online:

1.) How verify your escort is not an undercover pig


2.)  Use sites that either do not allow cops to post ads like the Underground or you can subscribe to websites that allow users to post reviews like The Erotic Review (TER) And if a girl has positive reviews than she can not be a cop. Reviews will also tell you if she's a smoker or not.

Girls just want to have fun but you can not just…

Oxfam faces fresh probe over Haiti prostitutes scandal


Britain's Charity Commission must conduct a "full and urgent investigation" into Oxfam following an alleged cover-up of its staff hiring prostitutes in Haiti during a 2011 relief effort on the earthquake-hit island, the prime minister's office said Saturday.

"The reports of what is unacceptable behaviour by senior aid workers in Haiti are truly shocking," a spokeswoman for Theresa May said.

"We want to see Oxfam provide all the evidence they hold of the events to the Charity Commission for a full and urgent investigation of these very serious allegations."

The call came as the British charities regulator released its own statement detailing Oxfam's previous disclosure of the events, including that it characterised the misconduct as "inappropriate sexual behaviour."

"Our approach to this matter would have been different had the full details that have been reported been disclosed to us at the ti…