Trump Likes to be Peed on: Donald Trump-Russia dossier: Sex act claims are 'absolutely true'

Trump Likes to be Peed on: Donald Trump-Russia dossier: Sex act claims are 'absolutely true'
By Big Pimpin'

Does anybody with even half a brain remember the "Access Hollywood" tape? Does anybody with even half a brain remember those filthy Howard Stern interviews? Does anyone doubt the fact that Donald Trump is a total #$%$? Come on, people.

And yet the Trumptards see nothing wrong with this. They will simply write it off as "fake news", blame Obama, blame Democrats and blame the media. They will also accuse everyone whom they don't like and/ or has the nerve to think on their own of being "liberal" despite not having a clue what that word means. All of these things they have been conditioned to do by their orange messiah and his lemmings on right wing media. They are among the dumbest people on earth.

The Bible Belt doesn't care about his extra-marital sex acts...they voted him much for morals.

You all know it's true, he is a perv, he lusts after his own daughter for crying out loud, he talks about grabbing women by their privates on tv, he walks into dressing rooms with young 18 year old women getting dressed, and you doubt he was with prostitutes and he likes golden showers??? I mean come on, he is a perv it's obvious and he has no respect for women...I think it's hilarious that he is being caught by his own admissions and humiliated and embarrassed with it all because he doesn't like people to think bad of him.

A senior Democratic politician has claimed that the salacious sex acts alleged in the unverified “Russian blackmail dossier” against President Donald Trump are “absolutely true”.

The Russian intelligence service, the FSB has videos and recordings of Mr. Trump in a Moscow hotel with prostitutes.

Prior to President Trump being sworn in, the BuzzFeed decided to publish it in January, although it admitted it had not been able to verify its contents.

However, it claimed the existence of the dossier meant there was a clear public interest in publishing.
Mr. Trump denounced it as “fake news” but the FBI had attempted to make a deal with Mr Steele, a former MI6 agent, to obtain the contents of the memo.
It has since been reported that US investigators have corroborated aspects of the dossier concerning conversations between foreign nationals.

The Senate Intelligence Committee is considering requesting testimony from Mr. Steels as it investigates whether Mr. Trump’s associates worked with Russian hackers in attempts to influence the presidential election.

The fact he won't show his taxes should tell us all we need to know. An honest man with nothing to hide would happily show them. A dishonest man hides them.

If Trump gets impeached, then we will get stuck with the worse Governor that Indiana has ever had as our President. We are screwed either way.



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